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Correct Use of the Male Condom:

The quality of condom reliability has improved since the onset of the AIDS epidemic. with modern technology and quality control, the breakage of the male condom is rarely due to faulty manufacturing. most breakage is due to human error.Therefore clients should be shown how to put on and off condoms whenever possible. clients should be encouraged a lot to practice more using a gender model. this practice can increase the chances of proper use and give users more confidence.Key messages during counseling include using the right male condom:open the package carefully. Do not use sharp objects like scissors or teeth like knives.Hold the condom to face the rolled rim.Unwrap the condom on the entire bottom of the penis above the penis before direct sexual contact.DO not use oil-based petroleum or other products.pull the erect penis from the vagina, after ejaculation.

Resource Management: Male condom

programs providing STD services need:Supply of male latex condoms.reliable supply of latex condomsproper storage facilitiestimely distribution of condomsA reliable supply of male latex condoms is required for STD service provider FP/ MCH programs.It is important to protect condoms from excess heat, water, direct sunlight, pests, and contamination.Adequate storage should also be provided for health facilities.It is also important to distribute condoms on time.condoms in products are safe to use for the following five years if stored properly and they are packaged in foil.

Male Condom: Best Method for STD Prevention

Widely available and condoms safe Continuous use of male condoms and Discussion between partners Reaching men Proper use Condom promotion and accessMale condoms are available in most parts of the world and male condoms are safe. It plays a very effective special role in both pregnancy and STD prevention if it is used consistently and correctly.We will discuss how to make condoms more compatible in the next two slides. And efforts to reach out directly to men include helping women negotiate with their partners to use condoms.We will then discuss condom promotion and access as well as the proper use of condoms.

Female condom provides protection:

Safe, no side effects female condom Some protection against STDs, including HIV, may protect laboratory studies of the external genitalia Human study protects against trichomoniasis overall access to condoms can greatly increase the use of both men and women. source: super et al, 1993; Fontanel et al, 1998.Another barrier method, the female condom, developed as a particularly important response to the need for female-initiated alternatives to male condoms. Female condoms are made of polyurethane which is safe to use and free of side effects and contributes a particularly effective role. It prevents a woman from coming into direct contact with the reproductive tract because it is a sperm like a male condom.some parts of the female condom, outside the vagina, provide extra protection to the labia and the base of the penis.This design can reduce the risk of transmission of infectious organisms from genital ulcers.Laboratory studies have shown that female condoms protect against various STDs, including HIV. continued use of female condoms has provided limited protection against trichomoniasis in human studies but has been shown to play a particularly effective role. conclusive research on the effectiveness of the female condom in preventing STD transmission remains to be done.Research has shown that overall condom use may increase when couples have access to both male and female condoms, rather than male condoms only.

Correct use of the Female condom:

correct placement of female condomsopen package carefullyplace the inner ring insidevagina to cover the cervixouter ring coversexternal genitaliaBe sure the penis is placed inside a condomAfter use, dispose of properly use a new condom for every act of intercourse with your partner.Always use a new condom for every act of intercourse studies have shown that most of the breaks in female condoms are due to human error rather than problems with the device, similar to male condoms.key messages during counseling include proper female condom use etc.Do not use sharp objects like rings, scissors, nails, or teeth.Press the small inner ring between the index finger and the thumb.High the inner ring in the vagina to cover the uterus.Keep the outer ring flat the vagina is large against the outer external organs.Care should be taken to keep the penis inside the female condom during condom intercourse and not between the vaginal wall.The female condom is pre-lubricated with silicone and more lubricant can be added to increase comfort or during use. female condoms are not bad when exposed to oil-based products.Do not use the female condom with the male condom.Twist several times before intercourse before removing the outer ring. This will prevent ejaculation from removing the condom.Remove the condom. wrap it in tissue or put it back in the package. throw it in a trash can.condom for every act of sexual intercourse while having intercourse with your partner.

STD Prevention Resource Management: Female Condom

Female condom cost and limited supplies restrict the availability storage conditions require less stringent than male condomsExpirations: five years from manufactureFemale condoms can be provided if FP/MCH programs are available. However, because of the cost and limited supplies, female condoms are not readily available in most developing countries.Female condoms require less stringent storage conditions than male condoms. which do not decay as fast as latex because they are made of polyurethane plastic and female condoms should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold.Female condoms have an expiration date of five years the following manufacture.

STD Prevention Summary:

FP/MCH programs can provide early prevention of STDs.Provide information and counseling.Include STD risks in the discussion of contraceptive options.Provide and promote to improve the consistent and correct use of condoms.All FP/MCH program STDs can play an important role in the early prevention of infection. These programs can provide information and counseling that includes the assessment of risk and skills training. May supply and promote condoms and may also begin to discuss contraceptive options in case of STD risk. Includes efforts to improve condom use. other STD prevention services that such programs may offer.

STD Prevention Education: What Clients Need to Know?

Certain behaviors increase the risk of STDs.The most important effective role in preventing STDs, including HIV, is the regular and proper use of condomsSeek healthcare immediately if STDs are suspected,The first step in STD prevention is to educate clients about STDs. Clients need to understand that certain sexual behaviors increase the risk of STD infection These behaviors include having multiple sexual partners and having sex at an early age, having STDs or having sex with partners at high risk.Consistent and proper use of condoms can prevent STDs, including HIV, for clients who choose to engage in high-risk behavior.

Condom Promotion And Access:

Condom promotion can increase condom usesource: DKT International, 1992-1996 in world Bank, 1997.Increases condom use in the promotion of condoms which makes a particularly important contribution and helps prevent the spread of STDs.The distribution of condoms is often done extensively through marketing programs that play a particularly effective role in AIDS prevention campaigns.Such programs have produced dramatic increases in sales of condoms in some countries, as shown in this slide. In Ethiopia, for example, annual condom sales quadrupled from 1991 to 1996. It has increased from less than 5 million to more than two crores in a year. In Brazil and Vietnam, sales increased even more.

Consistent Use: Negotiating Condom Use.

The male partner who insists it is difficult for women to use condoms (s)Since some men do not like condoms and will object to using them, women need to learn how to discuss condom use with their partners often. Negotiating condom use may be very difficult for many women, especially those whose economic security or even survival hinges on sexual relationships. Condom use is also difficult to discuss in many cases, as it can create distrust and betrayal. One issue that some women find useful when discussing condom use with their partners is that they continue to emphasize pregnancy protection rather than STD prevention, so as not to imply hypocrisy. Women who are more knowledgeable about condoms and how to use them can help overcome their reluctance to use the partner method. Thus, women may mention that condom use can be part of sexual love and increase sexual enjoyment.

The correct rules for using condoms?

In the married life of husband-wife, eternal happiness comes through having children. Through planned family, this happiness is a more beautiful sweeter. Between two and three years after marriage, the health of the wife and children is good and the family is prosperous. Condoms are one of the most important methods of family planning for this purpose.

Condoms are suitable for whom?

Condoms are most suitable for newlyweds. Because when the wife can not start taking the pill. If he decides to take the pill, he should start it from the first day of menstruation. Before that, that is, after marriage, if there is a desire for intercourse, the responsible husband should use a condom. Condoms are an ideal method for taking the first child two to three years after marriage and giving it between two and three years between the two children. For women whose doctor thinks it is inappropriate to take the pill or for women over the age of 35, their husbands can use condoms. In general, condoms are a simple, safe, and completely modern, contraceptive method for couples of any age. Couples who use condoms should not use condoms when they want children.

Condoms in BD:

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STD defense:

High-quality condoms are the only means of birth control that similarly protects against the spread of STDs and makes a particularly important contribution. There are many sexually transmitted infections like HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, etc. Even if you are using a variety of birth control techniques, you can use the best condoms to avoid any kind of sexually transmitted disease.

Durex condom price in Bangladesh

Durex Condom is the world's leading brand maker. Durex condom plays a vital role in creating a safe sexual experience and leading a comfortable, fit, and healthy life in your love life, engaging in exciting sex with your partner. Durex condoms have great features of fresh taste and aroma, performance-enhancing lubricants, especially well-designed shapes and point designs that enhance the sensitivity of textured texture, stimulation is great, fun, and fun to enjoy with your partner. Contains. Durex condoms increase the closeness of your special moments with your partner over time and help to prolong the protection time provided. Durex condoms around the world give you the confidence to love your sexuality. Using Durex condoms properly can help reduce the risk of HIV (AIDS) infection.

Buy the best condom in Bangladesh like Durex

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Stay safe, stay comfortable

Durex condoms are great fun, to protect against STD infections and prevent pregnancy. Durex condoms are much easier to wear and are comfortable to wear, and Durex condoms place extra emphasis on thinning to maximize sensitivity while maintaining safety and designed to enhance the experience of many pleasures.

Conveniently available:

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Where to keep condoms at home?

Keep in a dry and cool place out of reach of children Keep away from sunlight and take care not to pierce insects or anything else.

When to open the condom from the packet?

Only when the husband and wife open the condom when needed, not before.

How to use it?

First, carefully tear the packet and take out the condom. Make sure that the condom does not break or pierce the fingernails. Never use a torn or leaking condom. Then press the tip of the condom and exhale and gently place it on the head of the penis when the penis is hard. Make sure there is no air in the tip of the condom. If there is air in the head, the condom may rupture during use. Then gently put the whole condom on the penis. After ejaculation, when the penis is hard, press the condom from the base of the penis and bring out the penis.

Can a condom be used more than once? Or do I need to use more than one condom at a time?

No. A condom should only be used once. One condom is enough once used during intercourse if used properly.

Does using a condom reduce the feeling of happiness a little?

It goes without saying that regular use of condoms does not reduce the feeling of happiness. Rather, the joy of a thoughtless, safe reunion helps to achieve the goals of planned life.

Are there any additional benefits to using a condom?

Yes, there is. If healthy men and women have sex with men and women who have these sexually transmitted diseases, their bodies will also be infected with these deadly diseases. Using a condom during sexual intercourse can get rid of these infected hands.FAQ

Are Durex condoms 100% effective?

By using Durex condoms, you can protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and be able to have sex easily.

Are condoms 100% percent safe?

No condom can prevent 100% during pregnancy. Using condoms properly can help reduce the risk of HIV (AIDS) infection.

Why do condoms break?

Some of the reasons for condom breakage are when there is not enough lubrication and the condom breaks down due to excessive abrasive rings, nails, or teeth or other sharp edges.

Do Durex condoms make you last longer?

Durex condoms have a special kind of performance lubricant to help them last longer. Durex condom enhances the intimacy of your special moments with your partner over time and helps to prolong the given protection time.

Do Durex condoms contain spermicide?

Manufacturers have stopped selling condoms made from Durex's condom spermicide. The Coalition recommends not to use spermidine sex because the risks outweigh the benefits.

Can you get pregnant if you use a Durex condom?

Condoms are 98% effective when used correctly with Durex condoms. Of course, condoms should not be used more than once.